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Behind OptiMIN, is 8 years of experience in development and implementation of optimization algorithms in solving a variety of large-scale real-world engineering problems. OptiMIN is now proud to offer its optimization solutions to industry and academia.

Comprehensive yet customizable solutions covering from system analysis to finalized integration of solutions is offered by OptiMIN. Although not limited to, special attention is paid to keep a close working relationship with the clients' R&D teams.


A successful optimization project relies heavily on the quality of the models and the problem. Experienced in modeling complex systems using classic and AI-based methodologies such as: system dynamics, artificial neural networks, fuzzy Logic, OptiMIN creates more realistic models of your system, supports you identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provides you the means to improve them.

Conjunctive Water Resources Management

OptiMIN was successfully integrated in multiple water resources management problems such as providing optimum operation policies for reservoirs in arid areas. Check out this project from 2014 ResOS

Leak Detection

Leak detection and localization in water distribution systems is an example of the engineering problems that require
  • efficient and accurate models
  • realistic understanding and implementation of extensive uncertainties
  • extremely powerful computational capabilities
  • and most importantly the right optimization techniques for optimally placing expensive sensors in the network.


Why OptiMIN?

There are many optimization algorithms available online but you need a solution that helps you:

  • Cope with the vast uncertainties existing in real-world problems
  • Efficiently obtain optimum answers when models are large-scale and slow
  • Scale on the cloud to boost the performance

Furthermore, every business and more specifically every problem, needs its own customized optimization solution. Design, development, integration of the right optimization solution requires experience and professional work.

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  • Have you ever found yourself confused between so many available optimization algorithms when you try to solve an optimization problem?
  • Is optimization going to be a future part of your research or technology, but you need some clarification?

Optimin is the answer for you optimization needs

Ranked 1st

Is your model computationally intensive and slow to simulate but you need to perform optimization?

OptiMIN has solutions for efficient optimization. Developer of Optimin solutions placed 1st in an international competition in 2015 which was dedicated to challenge the efficiency of optimization algorithms.

2015 Competition

Free to Try

Try OptiMIN free optimization solution. It’s a Python library; just pip it.



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